The Sound of Music: A Pickleball Court Dilemma

Speakers blasting music at public courts? Let’s find out why some love it and some can’t stand it!

Are you a fan of background music while playing? Or are you the type to hit the mute button? In a pickleball court dilemma, the debate on bringing speakers to public spaces has players tuning in or tuning out. Let’s take a closer look at the uproar and support for music on the court.


  • While some players find music distracting and obnoxious, others enjoy the added ambiance.
  • There are mixed opinions on whether music should be allowed on public courts.
  • The choice of music also plays a significant role in how players perceive the use of speakers.
  • New players introducing music without consulting others can lead to tension in the group.

The Playlist Predicament

Opinions on music in public spaces vary widely among pickleball players. Some, like Methos1979, find any form of background noise distracting and impolite, even expressing discomfort despite being a music enthusiast.

On the other hand, OCR10 shares a different perspective, noting that music is a regular occurrence at their local courts and is generally well-received by players.

A Musical Melting Pot

Players also differ in their music preferences, from classical tunes favored by MaximumDrag606 to country hits that split opinions like in Fun-Key-6258’s poolside experience.

DrSteezyMD’s encounter with loud speakers during a match highlights how the volume and choice of music can impact the overall game experience.

Etiquette on the Court

Jitterbug26 raises an important point about courtesy and communication when introducing music to a group setting. Respecting others’ preferences and discussing the music choice beforehand can avoid conflicts.

Safe-Champion516 acknowledges the diversity of musical tastes among players and advocates for a balanced approach that considers everyone’s enjoyment.

From the clash of genres to the battle of decibels, the debate over music in pickleball courts continues. Whether you’re in favor of a silent game or a rocking soundtrack, finding common ground on court etiquette remains key to a harmonious play session.