Aspergers Guy’s Golf Journey: Finding Confidence on the Course

An Aspergers guy seeks advice on starting golf without friends to play with; the community offers support and tips.

An Aspergers individual embarks on a golfing journey without friends to play with but seeks advice and support from the online community. Here’s a look at the insightful suggestions and encouragement provided.


  • The community suggests pitch and putt or executive courses for a low-pressure start.
  • Etiquette tips include playing quickly, respecting others’ focus, and introducing oneself with a positive attitude.
  • Advice ranges from taking lessons, seeking Op36 programs, to starting at par 3 courses to build confidence and skills.

This Means Lore’s Advice

Looking for pitch and putt or executive courses provides a low-pressure way to begin playing actual holes, with the reminder that everyone is focused on their own game.

Pipdingo’s Etiquette Tips

Pipdingo shares concrete advice on game etiquette, emphasizing having a good time, avoiding distractions, and respecting the pace of play.

G8oraid’s Foursome Suggestion

G8oraid recommends playing in a foursome, seeking advice from fellow players, and enjoying the experience as a learning opportunity.

Investthings on Development

Investthings highlights the importance of having fun, taking lessons, understanding etiquette, and playing for enjoyment while building skills and confidence.

gldmj5 suggests a beginner-friendly par 3 course in Moon, while Turbulent-Bit-583 recommends looking into Op36 programs. Sadpanda0 advises visiting a driving range and seeking lessons.

Extreme-Owl-6478 shares words of encouragement, acknowledging that looking like an amateur is part of the game and that enjoying the process is key. mrgarryman emphasizes range practice and etiquette, while Maherdogg brings humor to the discussion with a lighthearted approach.