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2018 Masters Preview

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It’s that time of year again, where for us Canadians, the snow is finally melting, but down in Georgia spring is in the air, tulips are in full bloom and Augusta National is prepping for it’s big weekend to come. This year will be an interesting one to watch, after a three year hiatus, Tiger Woods is returning to the …

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Short Putt Yip Fix

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After suffering from the yips over the past few years, you learn to try different techniques and strategies in your on-going hope to find a cure. To-date, I still suffer from the yips on occasion but have found a few solutions that simply takes my brain out of the equation so that the stroke becomes less about feel, and more …

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Overactive Wrists on Putts? Here’s Our Fix

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As many of you know, I’ve struggled with the yips for quite some time.  It usually rears it’s head on short putts for birdie, or longer uphill putts – neither of which are conducive to shooting low.  Over the year’s I’ve tried just about every fix known to man, from belly putter to cross-handed grips to the claw… you name …

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TaylorMade P790 Irons

In Golf News And Rumors by The Golf Drill Guru11 Comments

This past September, TaylorMade launched their latest line of mid-low end players irons – The P790. These irons feature a thicker topline, slight offset and a near full-forged design with a forged faceplate made with 4140 Carbon Steel and then welded onto a cast body of 8620 carbon steel body. These irons feature a hollow head that is filled with …

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Juniors Are The Future

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Golf is quickly becoming a sport for the privileged few.  I play much less than I used to, mostly because the prices to play have continued to go up, when the value has gone down.  Now that we’re working closely with the PGA of Canada to help golf professionals improve their marketing and branding its become apparent that many clubs …

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How Ping Used Eye Tracking Data To Build Better Putters

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In golf, taking into account too much information can often be a detriment to your game. If you analyzed every factor at play for that par 3 tee-shot, or 5-foot putt you’d be the slowest (and therefore most hated) golfer on your course. The good news is, when it comes to R&D, Ping isn’t slowing down your course. They however …

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Unusual Golf Rules

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Hey everyone – thanks for stopping by.  With our last post up around the struggles of the game as of late, we received something in the inbox that align very well.  We received an infographic regarding how much of a stickler this game is for rules.  Sure, the game was always know as a ‘gentlemen’s’ game, but maybe it’s time …

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Stick A Fork In Her – She’s Done

In Golf News And Rumors, Shanks Rants by The Golf Drill Guru2 Comments

What has become of our beloved game? Interest in golf is still declining nationally, golf courses are suffering, golf stores are closing their doors and even some national retailers like TaylorMade are consolidating and selling parts of the company brand. What gives? In just a few years time, the game has gone even further into the whole despite our best …

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Whing Golf – The New Revolution

In Golf News And Rumors by The Golf Drill Guru8 Comments

It’s not very often you come across a re-birth of a game that you love, that you’d really want to play.  Usually the original is by far superior. I came across this new take on golf that I thought looks like a blast, and could pique my interest for a day on the course without clubs to switch things up …