Unraveling the Myth of Matching Yardages with Nelly Korda

Discover the truth behind hitting it as far as Nelly Korda on the golf course.

Bluecgene prompted a discussion on Nelly Korda’s stock yardages, leading to diverse opinions about amateur vs professional golfers. While some relate, others emphasize the disparity and skill level.


  • Many golfers claim to match Nelly Korda’s distances but lack her consistency and win record.
  • Discussion highlights the elite level of professional golfers, underscoring the gap in skill between amateurs and pros.
  • Insightful comments reveal the complexity of yardage estimation and the years of experience required to understand true differences in distance.
  • Humor shines through as users joke about outdriving professionals and the reality of hitting consistent distances.

Not All Distances Are Created Equal

Leandrys, a pro golfer, stresses the importance of carry distance and the misconception amateurs have about matching professional yardages. The disparity lies not only in the numbers but in the consistency and understanding of true yardages.

Amateurs vs Professionals

Adjuster_cody points out the need to watch LPGA to grasp the elite level of athletes like Nelly Korda. Despite similar distances, the skill gap between amateurs and professionals is immense, showcasing the dedication and expertise of pros.

Believe It When You See It

JeebusCrunk, a teaching pro, humorously contrasts amateur claims of hitting long distances with the reality of professional play. The exaggeration in amateur boasts is met with the stark truth of professional prowess.

Doesntkeepausername’s jest about out-driving professionals highlights the playful banter in the golfing community and the understanding that hitting far is just one aspect of the game.

Zagor64’s confession about consistency emphasizes the challenge of replicating professional distances, showcasing the difficulty of achieving precision in every shot. The reality of occasional long hits resonates with many golfers striving for consistency.