Ping G20 Fairway Wood Review

Ping G20 Fairway Wood Review

Hi Folks – thanks for stopping by. Today we continue our reviewing process with a look at the Ping G20 fairway wood. Ping released the G20 line as a successor  of the G15 line of products.

Looksping g20 fairway wood

The fairway wood is a dark gray 165cc club head with a shallow face. The stock shaft is the TFC 169F which is gray toward the bottom and half-red toward the grip. Overall, the club sets up very nicely at address. It features a crescent alignment aid similar to previous models. Compared to many other clubs the appearance of the G20 is boring. However, Ping is known for producing quality golf clubs and the G20 should win you over by a solid performance, not a trendy appearance. I am a big fan of the overall design of the club however the color scheme is average so I rate it 8 out of 10.


The Ping G20 fairway wood is my favorite performer of the entire G20 line up. I tested the G20 15 degree 3 wood with a stock TFC 169F shaft in regular flex. The shallow face easily gets the ball in the air from any bad lie. Ball flight is typically higher with the G20, which I prefer as I can rely on a consistent carry distance. In addition to a high ball flight, the club is forgiving and produces straight shots. Compared to a K15 the G20 produces a slightly lower trajectory but also allows you to work the ball a little more. This being said, I really enjoyed the consistency of the club. Toe hits did not result in a big distance loss and still delivered straight shots. Players searching for a new fairway wood should consider giving the Ping G20 a try. The G20 outperformed my current i20 3 wood so I will certainly consider replacing the i20. The club performs great and thus rates 10 out of 10.


The G20 maintains an average swing weight of D1. The center of gravity is positioned low and deep in the G20 fairway woods. It is designed with a 17-4 stainless steel club head. The ball feels extremely solid at impact and the club weight feels good throughout the swing. The large and shallow club face produces a high launch and low spin for optimum distance. Impact produces  a dull “ping” sound. The club sounds good and feels good throughout the swing and impact so it gets 9 out of 10.


I am constantly searching for products that outperform my current clubs. The G20 provides that option, as I felt it outperformed my Ping i15 3 wood. In my opinion, the G20 fairway resembles the K15 fairway woods, yet provides better results and more distance for a low handicap player. I am a big fan of results and will seriously consider putting the G20 3 wood in my bag. Golfers should enjoy the forgiveness and straight shots the G20 produces. Typical for Ping, if you prefer to change ball flight be sure to go through some of the custom shaft options. The club is priced less than many of Ping’s competitors’ models at $199.99 giving it a rating of 9 out of 10.

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