5 Random Thoughts – 2014 Masters

Many of you are probably just like me right now. Stuck at your desk, trying to stream Masters coverage without the IT department noticing the heavy bandwidth increase while attempting to shield your screen from your supervisor. The Golf Drill Guru, Eddie the Intern (more from him in the coming days) and I have been attempting to watch as much as we can this morning and came up with 5 completely random musings..

  • Without fail, there’s always an old guy or two that makes an early run in a major. In recent years we’ve had guys like Norman and Watson actually stick around until Sunday. If you had to pick a 50+ player to actually win another major, who would it be? Our office seems to be split between Couples and Jimenez. Couples has the best shot at the Masters but I think Jimenez has a shot at the Masters and the Open Championship. Sorry Sandy Lyle, your name didn’t come up…
  • I hate the phrase “growing the game” and I don’t always agree with the uppity individuals running the show in Augusta but kudos to them for doing their best to get more kids excited about golf. It was really cool to see the Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals held at Augusta on Sunday. The game is losing a lot of momentum with the younger crowd but seeing some outside of the box thinking like this is promising. Personally I’d like to see more “kids play for free” promotions out there. As mush as the older crowd doesn’t always like having throngs of kids hanging out around the course, it’s a key to long term survival (and lower green fees).
  • If you could pick one Major to see in person, what would it be? How would they rank for you? I think most would probably say the Masters, Open Championship, U.S. Open and then the PGA Championship. I wonder if there’s anyone out there that aspires to make the PGA Championship their first stop?
  • Let’s be honest.. how may of you really miss Tiger this week? Remember when it used to be “the only way that someone else wins is if Tiger isn’t playing”? Good times…
  • Hypothetical, if John Daly was playing this week, would we have to be on the 100 watch? If he can pull off a 90 at the Valspar Championship, I think 100 at Augusta is obtainable. It’s no Mike Reasor though… those rounds of 123 and 114 are untouchable (although he was only using one arm…).

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