Titleist 910H Hybrid Review

Titleist 910H Hybrid Review

Good morning everyone – thanks for stopping by. Its review time once again and today we will be looking at the Titleist 910H Hybrid. This club is excellent for lower handicap players. Here’s our take on the Titleist 910H Hybrid.

Lookstitleist 910h hybrid

By the looks of things, Titleist designed another winner. The 910H hybrid has the same glossy black finish as the 910 driver and fairway woods. In addition, the SureFit Tour hosel allows players to manipulate loft and lie into 16 different configurations. The deep face of the 910H gives the appearance you can hit the ball from any lie. In terms of appearance it rates 9 out of 10.


I will start by saying the Titleist 910H is probably a big hit or miss, either you love it or hate it. Low handicap players should really like the club while higher handicap players will probably find other hybrids much more appealing and easier to hit. The 910H is very versatile, allowing you to adjust the loft and lie of each hybrid. The 21 degree 4 hybrid can be adjusted up to 22.25 degrees or down to 20.25 degrees. In addition, the lie angle of the hybrid can be adjusted from a standard 58.5 degrees up to 60 degrees or down to 57.75 degrees.  The club is dependable from tight lies and the rough. The 910H gives a piercing to high ball flight and you still have the ability to manipulate based on preference. Accuracy could be a major concern for some players. Off center hits will not travel as well as other hybrids on the market. In comparison, a good ball striker will really have the ability to work the ball with the 910H. Players who use the 910H should find it one of the longest hybrids on the market. Overall a very solid club, it will not be for everyone, but rates 9 out of 10.


Titleist is often referred to as a players club and the 910H hybrid continues that trend. The 910H hybrid feels really solid with a heavier swing weight of D4. Better players often want to work the ball and control the distance, direction, and trajectory of the shot. The 910H Hybrid gives you every opportunity to control the ball. Players searching for an automatic club that hits the ball high and straight might be turned off. You can feel an off center hit and definitely see the results of poor contact. A well struck shot feels great, earning the club a 9 out of 10 rating.


Hybrids are certainly easier to hit than a long iron. Titleist developed one of the most technologically advanced hybrids with the 910H. Consequently, it is one of the most expensive hybrids available with a retail value around $230. As a professional and low handicap player, I feel confident putting the 910H in my bag. However, I would not put it in all of my students hands. The 910H is a really nice club, but with such a steep price tag I rate it a 7 out of 10.

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