TaylorMade Introduces LDP Golf Balls

Hi everyone. It's a rare early Saturday morning post. TaylorMade has officially introduced their 2008 line of golf balls. The ball names have remained the same but the technology used is new and improved. 

Let's try and sum this new LDP technology. TaylorMade found that the majority of miss hits occur on the upper part of the club face. They noted a serious loss in distance because the ball's spin rate drops and it can't produce enough lift. The company developed the idea of LDP… or Low Drag Performance. This technology helps maximize distance on poor shots. TaylorMade says this new technology helps keep these shots in the air longer… which helps create more distance. The company basically played around with different dimple patterns, sizes and depths to find one combination that worked the best. Has TaylorMade Golf found a way to make a "forgiving" ball? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

LDP aerodynamics will be available in the full TaylorMade Golf ball line for 2008. Watch for the new TP Red, TP Black, Burner and Burner TP balls in shops near you.

That's all for right now. I'm off to make some breakfast! Thanks again for all your emails and support. Feel free to send away… SirPutts is almost caught up in the email department.  

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