Callaway 2008, Wilson Irons, Cobra L4V

Hey everyone and thanks for dropping by. We've had some great reader email lately so I thought I'd put a few together in a post. Feel free to drop us a line with a golf question, comment or equipment review. We do our best to respond to everyone. 

First off… thanks to all that wrote in to tell us that Callaway Golf has posted a 2008 preview on their website . We've talked a lot about these clubs over the past few days and a lot of readers are really excited about them.

A reader asks about the current Wilson irons…

Do either of you know much about the new Wilson Staff Pi7 irons or Di7 irons? I read your review on the Ci6's and they sound rather nice. I was wondering how much less/more forgiving the Pi7's/Di7's are? Also, what to compare to? I was about to buy a set of Ping i5's (or may be i 10's) but just won a set of Wilson staff irons (lucky me) of my choice. Now I'm all screwed up-it took me a long time to decide on the Ping's…But, what a wonderful problem to have!

That does sound like a nice problem to have, and Wilson has done some really nice things with their golf line in recent years, returning to the quality and designs that made them one of the most successful golf club manufacturers.
The Wilson line can be broken down as follows:
Pi7 – this is their "performance" iron designed for the better player. It will have a smaller head with minimal cavity to promote control and workability. Padraig Harrington plays with the Pi line of irons. This club would probably the closest comparable to the Ping i10.
Ci7 – this is a midsize club that offers a combination of forgiveness and playability.  It will be more forgiving than the Pi7 but less so than the Di7. This is a great club for mid-handicap golfers or low handicap players who want a little extra help on mis-hits.

Di7 – this is the most forgiving of the bunch, designed more for the recreational player.  This would be more comparable to the Ping g10 iron.

It sounds like either the Pi7 or Ci7 will be the best fit for you.

An email about the new Cobra L4V driver…

I recently purchased the new cobra driver, when I was on my first outing with the new club. The distance and accuracy was better than the old one. I have one question the sound that it has when I hit it, is different than other drivers. It was like a thug sound than the regular sound.The results were good. Is there something wrong with my driver or is that just the sound it produces? My friend that was with me on that day said it might be the compression or something

What was the previous Cobra driver you were using? There is a good chance that the difference in sound is simply a result of the new head design. The L4V uses a lot of carbon in the head so it will produce more of a "dead" feeling or a "thud" sound than an all-titanium driver. Especially some of Cobra's previous titanium models which were very loud.
If there was something wrong with the head you should be able to notice it in the ball flight right away.

Thanks again for all the email. SirPutts is being a slacker and is taking Friday off. Watch for a post from him tomorrow afternoon! 


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