First Impressions Of The New Titleist Equipment

Hey everyone. We’ve been talking lots about new equipment over the past few days. We finally got the new Titleist equipment in our shop the other day and we’re starting to get some feedback. So far I think these clubs are living up to the hype!

755 Irons

A decent choice for the better player looking for a bit of forgiveness. Think Cleveland CG4 Tour… reduced offset with forgiveness. The longer irons are very easy to hit. Titleist basically took the 704… cleaned up it’s look and pushed more weight to the heel and the toe. This has made for a more forgiving iron. People that have hit them liked them… not the star of the new line but a nice addition.

PT 906F2 Fairway Wood

First off… this is a way better fairway wood than the 904. It feels and looks better than the previous model and customers that have hit it really like it. It’s still not one of the most forgiving fairway woods out there but Titleist really doesn’t target that market. This club is designed for the player that wants to keep the shot a bit lower and wants to work the ball a bit. The Aldila NV works well here… the V2 feels really stiff and “boardy”. I’ve had a few customers (decent players) that have had a hard time keeping the ball airborne using the V2. I’d lean towards the Aldila unless you hit the ball really high and/or have some serious club speed. The V2 is a great shaft but make sure you try it first and make sure it’s what you want. A better player would be dumb not to at least look at this wood.

PT 585.H Hybrid

This club is a winner and might be the best hybrid I’ve ever hit. It’s the perfect mix of a long iron and a fairway wood. My customers say it feels like you’re hitting a fairway wood but it looks like you’re hitting a bulky iron. Like the other clubs we’ve mentioned today… this one is designed for the better player. I get lots of complaints from better players that say they can’t find a solid hybrid that they can “work” like an iron. Most hybrids are made with forgiveness in mind and they lack playability. Most people that have hit it don’t have too much trouble turning it over when they need to. It’s also refreshing to hit a hybrid that doesn’t balloon… the ball stays fairly flat. This gets my vote for hybrid of the year!

There you are… a brief look at the new Titleist products and what our customers have to say about them so far. The company has a very solid line right now and it’s making it tough for better players to look elsewhere!

I talked to a good friend of mine who is down at the PGA Show in Las Vegas right now and he mentioned that Callaway Golf is showing off a few new products… the X Hybrid and X Hot Fairway were two clubs that he mentioned. We’ve heard a few rumors about these and an actual sighting makes it a bit easier to confirm that they are on the way!

Before I run off for the night… a big congrats to a good friend of mine who just found out he’ll be a Dad in a few months. No idea if it’s a boy or a girl yet but it’s a safe bet that the youngster will have more game then Dad! Talk to you tomorrow!

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