Mapping Out 2007 – What’s To Come – Part II

Hey everyone… sorry for the late post. I’ve been having too much fun watching the Chargers beat up on the Raiders tonight. Let’s continue our look at what’s to come in 2007…

Mizuno Golf

Mizuno has really laid it all out on the table for us. The company introduced some new products very recently and they should be the anchor for the 2007 line. Otherwise it’s pretty quiet on the Mizuno front… they’re not a company that changes products for the sake of changing.

Adams Golf

We’re already talked a bit about the new Idea Pro irons and Pro hybrid that are on the way. These two clubs represent a real jump into the “players” category. The company has had some real success out on the major tours and now they’re using this success to launch new products for the better player. 2007 should be a busy year for Adams!

Innovex Golf

Our 2005 Golf Company Of The Year will have some new products available as early as Christmas. We brought you some prototype pictures back in July (July 12, 2006) and the new Type-S iron, hybrid and wedge look really good. Don’t expect new woods in the near future… the company is pretty happy with their current offerings.

Wilson Golf

Not much to report here… the current Wilson products are really good but their lack of buzz makes it tough for the average golfer to really get into it. We’ve talked about the Nc6 iron that has been released in Asia and Canada… some think that it will make it’s way into North America. There is a matching Nc6 driver in Japan and I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this made it’s way across the pond too.

That’s all for now… we’re working on a few more companies still and will be sure to pass along news as we get it! Have a great night.

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Mapping Out 2007 – What’s To Come

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