Gore On The Move… Nike Drops Prices

A rare Friday post for everyone tonight. I’m just relaxing at home and thought I’d throw up a few quick notes before bed.

You may have read that Jason Gore and Nike Golf have parted ways. I don’t really think Gore would be considered an “A” level star right now but he’s a really likable guy and would be a nice addition to a company’s Tour staff. I’ve done some asking around but can’t really get a good lead on where he might go. I think TaylorMade would make the most sense… they seem to be the company with the biggest budget. I personally think Cobra would be the best fit. Gore would be a perfect addition to Cobra’s younger staff if you ask me and I’m sure he won’t be demanding huge bucks. We’ll keep you posted!

We got an email asking about a couple of Nike price drops. Our reader noticed the Nike Slingshot OSS and Slingshot hybrid have recently taken a dive in price. Nike Golf says there is nothing coming in the immediate future. One would imagine that these are in the twilight of their life cycles and this change is reflecting that. Wow… so much talk about product life cycles… it’s like that whole university thing is paying off!

That’s all for tonight… short and to the point. I’ll be back on Sunday with more. Talk to you later!

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