Reviews Are Back And We Want Your Input

Hey everyone. We’ve been promising reviews and now it’s time to deliver! We’re gearing up and we’ll have reviews starting next Monday (March 19th). We’ve tweaked them a bit but now need your help to make them the best ever.

Here is a list of the clubs that we’ll be reviewing between March 19th and April 1st. We’d love to get your response and feedback.

Callaway Fusion FT-i Driver
Nike SUMO2 Driver
Cobra FP Irons
TaylorMade R7 Irons
Titleist PT 585.H Hybrid
Cleveland HiBore Fairway

Drop us a line with your thoughts and comments on all or any of these. I know we’ve already had some great feedback on the Nike SUMO2 and we’ll be sure to use that in the review. You don’t need to make your comments too long… just a few lines on what you think. You never know… they might even end up in the review! We’re also looking for a % score for each club. Some things to keep in mind when deciding on a % score…

100% is the best club of all time… something we’ll probably never award.
80% and above is a great club that you’d gladly have in your bag.
60% -80% is a club you’d look at but it would probably be your 2nd choice.
40% – 60% is a club that you don’t really like and probably wouldn’t look at.
20% is… well… 20%. I’m sure you get the picture here…

Keep in mind things like value, performance, custom options, fitting options, stock shafts and company customer service when awarding a score.

Our site is built to give consumers good feedback and we think our readers are some of the best judges out there. We’ll weigh in with thoughts from our customers and hope this combination creates a great review. Let the emails begin! Talk to you later!

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