Free Golf Balls, Reader Email And A Really Long Wood

Thanks for stopping by. I thought I’d throw up another quick post tonight… we’ve got a few odds and ends to get to as well as some information on how you can get some free golf balls for the upcoming season. Let’s get to it!

Tour Edge Golf is confident that their new CB2 fairway wood is the longest on the market. The company is offering a guarantee… if your new CB2 fairway isn’t longer than your current one you can return it for a store credit. We’ve talked a lot about the Tour Edge Exotics line and these new fairway woods are worth a look. A bit out of your price range? You can still find last year’s model for a decent price.

We’ve had some good reader email over the past few days. Let’s dive into the mailbag!

What are your top two Callaway stand and cart bags? What cart bag would you recommend outside of Callaway?

I’d say the most popular Callaway bag as of late as been the Org.14. It has individual dividers and is a decent price. The X-Series is another popular model… it’s a bit flashier but doesn’t have the dividing system. The Warbird is one of our most popular stand bags… it’s just a really good bag for a good price. I’d take the Warbird over the XTT Xtra Lite.

Both SirPutts and I are big Ogio fans. These guys make a lot of the Callaway bags and offer some really well made products. I’ve been selling Ogio for years and can count the number of warranty issues on one hand. Ogio always seems to have interesting colors and technologies. We also sell a lot of Sun Mountain and would suggest you have a look at these too. They make some very light models… really good if you like to carry!

I have a set of matching Ping Eye 2 Plus black dot 3-LW and am contemplating selling them? Are they worth keeping around, or are they just like any other club?

Good question. There are a few sets that I tell people to hang onto and the Ping Eye 2’s are one of those sets. You’re probably not going to get a lot for them on trade so you might as well hang onto them and have some fun with them every once in a while. Same thing goes for a set like the Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scot… not worth much but a fun set to keep in the garage! Thanks for the email.

Want some free golf balls? Top Flite has a cool promotion that offers golfers a chance to try their new D2 golf balls. Looks like they have a limited number each day so you might have to try back a few times. Click HERE for the link.

That’s all for tonight. Keep the email coming! Talk to you soon.

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