A Few More Additions From Cleveland Golf

Hope everyone had a great day. I talked a bit about some of the new products from Cleveland Golf yesterday and I wanted to add a few more. We’ve also got a bunch of email to get to so I thought I’d answer a few here too…

First off… a few more products from Cleveland…

Cleveland W-Series Launcher ‘06 Woods – You knew it was just a matter of time before the company released these. They feature all of the same technology as the men’s version and there will be matching fairway woods too.

Never Compromise Milled Series #8 and #9 – There will also be a few new additions to the Milled Series line. The #8 is a center shafted blade and the #9 is a plumbers neck mallet.

So I’m all set to answer some email only to find that SirPuttsAlot is back from his business trip and has pretty much cleaned everything up. I think I’ll spend a bit of time and answer some anyways…

We have been getting a lot of email requesting various club reviews. Don’t worry… our reviews are only a couple of months away. We live in a cold weather climate and it’s tough to review a club in the snow. We’ve been keeping track of what clubs people have been asking about and will be sure to get the reviews going just as soon as we can.

We got an email asking about Bobby Jones equipment. This stuff has had some pretty positive press recently and is designed by Jesse Ortiz… the man behind the Orlimar TriMetal. We have been in contact with the folks at Bobby Jones and should have more news (and hopefully some reviews) in the next few months.

Another email from a reader asking about tips on removing sticker residue off of golf clubs. I’ve always found that a heat gun works pretty well but be sure to try Goo Gone to remove the sticky stuff.

I think that’s all for tonight. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our first Golf Tip Of The Week! Thanks for all of the email and we’ll talk to you later!

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