The Truth About Distance

To help generate additional club head speed and greater distance, the key is to retain your release angle. The release angle is the angle created by your left arm and the shaft on the downswing (lag). Put simply, the more acute this angle is and the longer it is maintained into impact, the further the golf ball will travel.

The preconception that great strength and power is needed to hit the ball a long distance is not accurate. Technique is far more important, by creating a holding this angle a player is capable of a lot of club head speed. The reason most beginner golfer’s lack distance, is because they lack this move. They tend to lose their release angle early on the downswing, and effectively expend all the power they created early. The timing of the transition of power gets knocked off course, causing missed shots.

Any player with reasonable mobility and strength can hit the ball further. The key is in proper swing mechanics. By maintaining your wrists release on the downswing, and naturally expending this power into impact, you will see a vast improvement in your distance throughout your game.

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