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Wow… it’s been a busy day with a ton of email! I want to first thank everyone for writing and I promise we will get back to you all. SirPutts is actually away on a business trip so he won’t be responding to email until at least tomorrow night. I will try my best to get to a few tonight so please be patient. I’ve got all sorts of Cleveland news so let’s get to it!

Cleveland has a bunch of new products coming in the next few months and I thought I’d take some time and run through some of the new offerings. We’ll do this in point form…

Cleveland HiBore Driver – This has really got the golfing community buzzing… mainly because of it’s unique design. If you haven’t seen the HiBore yet… I’ll try and describe it. Pretend that you have a “traditional” driver in your hand. Now step on the back end of it and crush the crown down a bit… the sloped crown lowers the center of gravity. A lower center of gravity means longer drives and a higher launch angle. Cleveland discovered that a traditional driver performs best if the ball is struck towards the top of the face… away from the “sweetspot”. The HiBore is designed to produce maximum distance from more of the face. The HiBore will begin shipping on March 25th. I don’t have any information on the shaft options but I’ll pass more along as I get it.

Cleveland CG1 Black Pearl Irons – We’ve talked about them for a while and they are finally coming to market. I don’t think I’ll spend much time on these… they are the current CG1 irons in a different finish. They look great! Watch for these in April.

Cleveland CG4 Tour Irons – We talked about these last week. The CG4 Tour’s are a more compact CG4 with reduced offset. They will have more offset than the CG2 irons but not as much as the current CG4 irons. Cleveland calls them a combination of the CG2 and CG4… a great mix of feel (CMM is really soft) and forgiveness. The CG4 Tour irons will start shipping next week.

Cleveland Launcher LP Irons – Cleveland is taking direct aim at the “value” market and they may have a winner. These look a bit like the current Launcher irons and will feature a very low profile in the longer irons and a deeper face on the shorter irons. The Launcher LP’s will be made of 17-4 Stainless Steel, will be sold as a 7 piece set (4-PW) and will only be available in steel shafts. These will be available next week and will retail under $400 USD.

Cleveland 588 DSG Wedges – DSG stands for Dynamic Sole Grind. Think of the current 588 wedges with a modified sole grind. The DSG will also feature a milled face and grooves… and will be made from 8620 carbon steel and not CMM. These high spin wedges will be available in March.

Cleveland Launcher Ti460 High Loft – There will be an addition to the current Launcher Ti460 line. The 15.5 degree driver will only be available in right hand. Available next week.

Cleveland Designed By Putters – There will be two new “Designed By” putters and both will be made from CMM. Both are very traditional blade designs and feature tungsten sole weights. Available next week.

That’s all for tonight. I’m off to try and take care of some of the email. We’ll have lots more for you in the coming days so stay tuned. We’re going to be debuting the Golf Drill Of The Week on Friday. We’ve teamed up with our friend over at The Golf Drill Guru and we’ll be posting a golf drill every Friday. Thanks for all of the email and we’ll talk to you soon!

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