A Quick Note From Nevada Bob’s New Orleans

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the folks at Nevada Bob’s in New Orleans checked out on a regular basis. We hadn’t heard from them since Hurricane Katrina and we all hoped that everything was ok. I got an email yesterday from the manager of the shop and it provides some insight into what it is really like in the Gulf Coast region right now. I thought I’d pass it along to all of our readers…

Hello SirShanksAlot,

Just got to a computer after a humbling 3 weeks of trying to remain sane. I read your comments about us and am deeply moved by your concern. Me and my family made out ok with no flooding but major wind damage. Nevada Bob’s, on the other hand, did not do so good. We had major water damage due to the roof coming off. It will be 6 months minimum before we will even come close to opening. It is depresssing looking at so many clubs that are ruined along with all soft goods. Anyway, we are not in any hurry because there are no golf courses to play on anyway, most courses were destroyed. The best way to describe what has happens and it is like the movie the Twilight Zone. It just does not seem real. This is the one storm we have been fearing our whole lives. To describe what it looks like from a local point of view is that it looks like a sad city. Total destruction in most parts. Anyway, for the first time in about 10 years golf will have to take a back seat. That does not mean I am not dying to play, because I am. It simply means that we have a city to rebuild. Anyway if I could ask of one thing from our faithful SirShanksAlot readers, it would be please PRAY to GOD for us. It really seems like he is the only one that is going to get us through this most challenging time. I wish I could write more, but I just got my computer up and I have 145 E-mails to answer.

Thanks Again,

Bobby Turk

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