What is a Frankly Frog?

One of the coolest things about doing this website is that we get to learn all about new and different golf companies. There are many companies out there that most people have never heard about but who have some really interesting ideas.

One of our readers sent us an email a few days ago asking about a putter called the “Frankly Frog”. I had never heard of the Frankly Frog so I decided to do some research and I found a website called

If you haven’t heard of Frank Thomas before you will no doubt be familiar with his work. For 26 years he served as Technical Director for the USGA. In that time he was heavily involved in measuring and governing golf equipment. He has been involved in all the controversial equipment issues including square grooves, COR, and shortening the golf ball. During his time with the USGA he also introduced the now famous Stimpmeter, used to measure the speed of putting greens in a universal manner.

On top of all this Frank is one of the smartest men around the game today. If you go to the Frankly Speaking section of his website you will find answers to pretty much any technical question you can dream up. If there is anything you have ever wondered about golf equipment there is a good chance you will find the answers here. On top of that they also run a consulting service for their clients.

But back to the real question, what about the putters? The Frankly Frog would be their most recognizable and most popular model. The high MOI putter is green and actually looks like a frog’s face. The head is make entirely of aluminum with two tungsten weights added deep in the head to give it “perfect balance and maximum forgiveness.” White sight lines enhance the overall effect of this putter which comes completely customized. It is available in three different lengths or any length of your choosing for an extra $10 and five different shaft configurations. The putter has even been used in competition by European Ryder Cup Captain Bernhard Langer.

The other two Frankly Golf putters available are the Frankly F-16 Amber and Frankly F-16 Stealth. Both of these putters are similar in shape to a Titleist Bullseye but feature a number of unique features that make them noticeable and easy to use.

The next time you are searching the internet I would highly recommend checking this site out. There is a lot of great information and some really cool putters on there as well.

Oh yeah, and one other thing, you know those graphite shafts that you see and hear about all the time? Frank Thomas invented those too.

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