Black Pearl Finish By Cleveland Golf

If you go to you can see the new Black Pearl finish they are offering on their CG10 wedges. Watch for Cleveland to introduce the CG1 iron in the same finish soon. Those will be one sweet set of irons!

Another quick Cleveland note; I mentioned the possibility of Cleveland selling the “TA” name to Nike. Well I saw some of the new Cleveland stuff the other day and there were no new “TA” clubs. I am beginning to think that the name will be fazed out and then sold. Watch for a CG2 iron next time you are watching the tour guys on TV. It is a combo set similar to the TaylorMade RAC TP Combo that is being tested on tour (I am pretty sure Woody Austin is one of the guys trying them).

Speaking of the TaylorMade RAC TP Combo Set, I have one sitting in my bedroom that I have no use for. They don’t even have a round on them (I think there are 3 or 4 irons that have never been hit). Let me know if you are interested and I am sure we can work out something.

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