Big Golf Bag Merger

So I have seen a bunch of reps over the past few days as they are making their rounds to show us the “new” products. I would love to tell you all about these “new” products except that I told you about them a long time ago! Wow don’t you feel like such an insider?

So I did hear one interesting note (and I know I was not suppose to hear this) about Canada’s favorite lefty. Watch for this certain someone to jump to Titleist to take the place of Phil Mickelson.

Datrek Professional Golf Bags and Miller Golf have announced they are merging. Both these companies are very respected golf bag manufacturers and this new company should be a real force in the golf bag business. Word has it that Datrek and Miller will stay as separate names but will merge their staff and their research and development departments.

So you want to play the Old Course at St. Andrews? Well good news for you! The wait to book a tee time is being reduced from two years in advance to the September prior to the time. I hope this lets more people experience the course and see how golf should be played.


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