I Want A R7 Trucker Hat!

Wow what a slow day! It gives me some more time to work on the Great Club Comparison though. It should be done soon and then I will start working on the “Players Irons – Mid to Low Handicap” version. Just some little odds and ends today…..

No you cannot buy the trucker style TaylorMade R7 hat that Sergio has been wearing lately. I had someone ask me today so I checked with TaylorMade and they say they have no plans of releasing it to the public.

Oakley has developed a pair of glasses with a built in MP3 player. If you haven’t seen these things yet they are worth a look. I saw them in one of the golf magazines today and they look really different.

I read something about Phil Mickelson’s deal with Callaway today. Rumor has it that Phil signed a 10 year equipment deal worth $5-$7 million a year. Callaway is really hoping that Phil can bring back some of the excitement the company experienced in the 90’s. has pictures and information of the new Baffler utility club. I have not seen this club in person but the pictures on the site look pretty nice.

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