Wedge Shafts And Value Irons

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great 4th Of July/Canada Day week! SirPutts is back from vacation and has been busy answering reader email. Let's see what he's been up to…

Although I've gotten varying opinions and have actually just ordered a wedge for my wife (to experiment) …I'd love your comments on shafts for ladies wedges. Most OEM manufacturers have two options for wedges. The ladies graphite (55gm) which is quite light and the men's steel option…usually it's a True Temper DG S300 shaft (117-120gm).

My wife has been using men's wedges from the beginning but we were always wondering "why not shaft with a lighter steel option" . Short game is still about feel/technique/tempo, but I think her approaches could benefit with a lighter shaft (higher ball flight and more club  head speed for higher spin rates to check the ball instead of ALWAYS rolling thru the green)

The OEM's don't have a lighter steel option and any demo days or club pro we ask rarely gets a good answer of what is "right or wrong". It's a question rarely asked.  Even some female low cap players just said "we just play the men's wedges" with no other reason why.

What a great point to bring up!  You are right, there are very few shaft options available in a wedge for men or ladies and no one ever seems to question this fact.

Most ladies are able to get away with a heavier shaft in a wedge because they are mostly using it for short shots around the green, but this certainly doesn't mean that it is the appropriate shaft for them. 

I love the idea of using a lightweight steel or heavier graphite shaft for a ladies wedge. Something between 85 and 100 grams. This will give women players the benefit of a lighter shaft on full shots but still keep the wedge heavy enough to provide control around the greens.

I'm a 20 handicapper and am shopping for a used set of irons and am particularly interested in a couple of callaway products…  the Big Bertha 2002 or the X-14, both in graphite stiff. I'd like to hear what you think of each of these or any simlilar products that you think highly of. I currently play orlimar irons. My budget is around $300.

I like the BB02 irons better than I like X-14. BB02 offers a lot more forgiveness and is an easier to hit golf club than the X-14.

Some other irons to keep a look out for are the Cleveland TA6's, Cobra 3100's, or Adams Idea sets. All were very well priced even in their current years and are a great value for the quality of club you will get. All of them are easy to hit and designed with the average golfer in mind. The Adams Idea A1 or A2 I particularly like because of the hybrids that come blended in with the set.

We'll be back tomorrow with a review. Thanks again for all of the email. Keep writing in!! 

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