Cobra Baffler DWS Hybrid Review

The Cobra Baffler is arguably the best hybrid in recent years. Cobra has really taken the game improvement category by storm and the Baffler hybrid is a major part of their line. The new Baffler DWS is a slightly tweaked version of its predecessor… Cobra has found a way to make good club even better. 


What The Company Says…


Cobra didn't need to go out and reinvent the wheel when designing the DWS. There wasn't too much wrong with the previous Baffler so the company focused more on tweaking and less on redesigning.


The Baffler DWS features a number of technologies that make the club easy to hit…


– Dual weights in the heel and toe increase the MOI and make the club more stable on miss hits


– The large face helps with forgiveness and consistency. The company has used the "9 Hot Points" idea here… something that they have used in their woods for a few years


– The maraging steel face gives the club a solid feel and is harder than standard stainless steel


– The sculpted sole helps make the club more playable… similar to a rail on a fairway wood


The stock shafts are very good and are more than enough for the average player. Cobra has also designed a "Pro" version for the better player. We'll look at this club in a separate review but it's a nice option for the low handicap.


The Baffler DWS is available in 7 different lofts (# 1- # 6 with a # 7 available in ladies).


What Our Readers Say…


Not a huge surprise…people like this one…


By far the best hybrid that I've ever owned. I will be adding more to my bag.


The "Pro" version is great for a lower handicap like me. The standard one hits it too high


I like the look of this club. It is very pleasing to the eye. I don't know if it is any better than the other Baffler I have though.


Overall Reader Rating – 75%


What Our Customers Say…


The Baffler DWS is one of the most popular hybrids in our shop and the majority of the customer comments are positive.


The one word we hear the most has to be "forgiveness". Most hybrids are really forgiving (especially when compared to longer irons) but many agree that the DWS is near the top of the category here. The additional heel and toe weights help keep the club stable through impact. 


Another positive amongst our customers is the look. The DWS features a really clean look and the deep face gives golfers a lot of confidence. The DWS lacks some of the "flash" of other hybrids but makes up for it in feel and performance. 


The stock shafts are very good and help get the ball in the air. Most are happy with the ball flight although some high ball hitters might find the ball ballooning a bit. Cobra has always been a "price conscience" line and the Baffler DWS comes in at a very reasonable price. 


The biggest knock on the DWS has more to do with the previous Baffler. Some customers shy away from this club because they don't see a noticeable difference from the previous version. Sometimes companies change for the sake of change but I don't see this being the case here. The DWS features some new technology that helps make the club more forgiving but don't expect it to knock your current Baffler out of the bag.


We also have some customers complain that they can't decide between the Baffler DWS and the Baffler Pro… not a huge issue though. I'd like to think of it as a good problem to have…


Overall… a great hybrid for the mid to high handicap. It hits the ball high, keeps the ball straight, reacts well on miss hits and is friendly on the wallet. The addition of the "Pro" version is a nice touch and most golfers should find a Baffler that works for them. Current Baffler owners might not bother with this one but it's a great option if you're in the market for a new hybrid!


Overall Customer Rating – 85%


Overall Combined Rating – 80%

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