Nike CCI Forged Iron Review

While most of the golfing world focus on the high MOI driver race, many great golf clubs are flying under the radar. The CCI Forged could be the best irons that Nike has ever made but they are in danger of getting lost in the square SUMO shadow.  


What The Company Says…


The Nike CCI Forged are designed with feel in mind. The combination of a soft carbon steel clubhead and a composite insert produces blade-like feel across a large portion of the face. 


The CCI Forged feature thin lines and a small cavity. More accomplished golfers appreciate the traditional look and minimal offset. The irons are great for working the ball and the stock Dynamic Gold steel shafts are a hit with most players. 


The CCI Forged have enjoyed some PGA Tour success as well… a glowing endorsement for a iron that has only been on the market for 6 months.  


What Our Readers Say…


Mid to low handicappers love these irons…


Far and away the best irons that Nike has ever produced. I'm glad the sales guy got me to try these because I was going to walk right by them!

Not the most forgiving irons out there but they feel awesome. These things kicked my Mizunos out of the bag.


I love the way these look. Both versions of the CCI irons are good and I just can't figure out which ones to get!!


Overall Reader Rating – 84%


What Our Customers Say…

I find that many golfers still view Nike equipment (especially the irons) in a different light. I hear the "are these things any good?" comments a lot when customers are looking through the Nike product. Sure Tiger plays them but realistically he could beat us all with a stick and a rock.


The CCI Forged have become a popular club among the staff at our store. Employee enthusiasm has trickled down to the consumer level and more and more of these have been walking out the door. Employee feedback is good but it's not something we've ever used in our reviews! Something to keep in mind though…


Let's start with what people like…


– People love the look. These are a great looking iron. These are the perfect blend of traditional lines and technology. The composite insert fits nicely in the small cavity and the Nike swoosh is fairly understated. The brushed finish is very attractive. The Forged look a lot like a blade from above.


– People love the forgiveness. These will never rival the forgiveness found in most game improvement irons but the CCI Forged are very forgiving for a "players" iron. The composite insert provides a very solid feel from heel to toe.


– People love the performance. Better players say working the ball with these is a breeze. The ball flight is mid to low… let's just say the CCI Forged will never be accused of "ballooning" the ball! The stock Dynamic Gold steel are a safe choice.


– People love the price. They're not the cheapest irons on the market but the modest cost won't scare too many people away.


There are a few things working against the CCI Forged… 


– Nike's custom department is getting better every year but it still is a bit behind. TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping have been making golf clubs for a long time and still hold the upper hand in this department.


– The CCI Forged feature a very thin sole. Some players with a steep angle of attack might see this as a problem. If you "pick" the ball… don't worry. If you "dig" and hit down on the ball… either look at a different iron or take up gardening. You'll be digging up a lot of earth with these. 


– Golfers that rank "softness" at the top of their list might pass on these. The CCI Forged fall a bit behind other irons in this category. The composite insert helps but it creates more of a solid feel than a soft feel. A huge deal to some but a non factor to others…


The Nike CCI Forged could be the company's best ever iron. They are a unique mix of tradition and technology and have a feel all of their own. The iron loses points in the "softness" category but more than makes up for it in forgiveness and workability. A pleasure to hit!


Overall Customer Rating – 88%


Overall Combined Rating – 86%

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