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XXIO Introduces Their Latest Irons: XXIO9

Hey there – thanks for joining us again. Coming this December 8, XXIO will be introducing their latest in XXIO series with the 9th generation irons. With a recommended advertised price of $1,049.99 for a five club set, which features the XXIO MP900 graphite shaft and a MAP of $849.99 for the same set with steel shafts. Additional and single irons will also be available.

The new XXIO9 series clubs feature a completely new technology that helps maintain wrist cock longer without adjusting your swing to help create a change in head path. These changes help increase the head speed to deliver even more distance that the previous models.

Again – the core concepts of the XXIO series haven’t changed. The series still stands to create more distance, better forgiveness, and one of the exhilarating contact sounds in the business.

Golfers will find the new series more advanced in all the key concepts of the XXIO series. For golfers that want to achieve greater distance with an easier and more enjoyable swing, the XXIO9 clubs will be strong allies on the course.


Key Features of XXIO9 Irons

Dunlop takes it proprietary distance booster, the Dual Speed Technology, to an entirely new level.

Int he first half of your downswing, the club helps maintain the all important wrist cock which causes the head to pass closer to the golfer’s body and accelerates in the second half of the downswing – which results in higher head speed.

Expanding the titanium face towards the sole enhances COR performance on the lower portion of the face which significantly improves the carry distance for those off-centre shots.

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