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XXIO Introduces New XXIO9 Driver and Fairway Woods

Hello and thanks for joining us once again. Today we’d like to introduce the 9th generation of the XXIO series, the XXIO9 driver and fairway woods. These new clubs will be available starting December 8, 2015.

The new XXIO9 series clubs feature and entirely new and exciting technology. How does maintaining longer wrist cock without adjusting your swing to create a change in head path sound? Pretty good, no? That’s exactly what the new XXIO9 produces. This change increases head speed to help deliver much greater distance. Actually, thats 5.5 yards more with the new driver.

The core concepts of the XXIO series haven’t changed all that much since the first generation, remember we’re on the 9th now. Those concepts of distance, forgiveness, and an exhilarating impact sound are all still there, but golfers will now find the new series more advanced and attuned to their needs than ever before.


The XXIO9 clubs are for golfers that want to achieve greater distance with an easier and more enjoyable swing – sounds great doesn’t it!

The XXIO series debuted in 2000 and has evolved since then throughout the 8 different generations and has been the best selling series in Japan for 16 straight years.

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