To Take or Not to Take: The Ethical Dilemma of Range Balls

Should golfers take Pro V1 balls from the driving range buckets? Reddit users debate the ethics and consequences.

If you see a Pro V1 or other top tier golf ball in your range bucket, do you sneak it into your bag?


  • Golfers debate whether it’s ethical to take Pro V1 range balls.
  • Some justify taking them as a fair exchange system, while others see it as theft.
  • Concerns about the performance degradation of reused Pro V1 balls are raised.

Justifying the Act

Some users argue that since the range balls are not owned by the course, it’s fair game to reclaim them.

Moral Compass

Others express guilt over taking premium balls, believing it’s akin to theft.

Performance Concerns

Debate arises on the performance degradation of reused Pro V1 balls and how it impacts gameplay.

If you care how it performs, a ProV that’s gone through the range picker a couple times isn’t going to perform even halfway decent compared to a new one. If you don’t care how it performs, why care that it’s a ProV? I leave them. — lukepeacock

Public Perception

Some users criticize those who mass take range balls, highlighting the impact on course integrity and ownership.