Public Park Pickleball Predicament: Frustration or Fair Play?

A new player at a public park faces court takeover drama. Is it frustration or normal?

I am fairly new to the sport and play at a local public park with open courts. A family tried to take over the courts for a tournament, pressuring the writer to leave. Is the frustration justified?


  • Family tries to take over public park courts for a tournament.
  • Users debate if the family’s actions were acceptable.
  • Opinions vary on proper etiquette and rules at open public parks.

Krafty16’s Observation on Park Reservation

Some users feel it is odd for a family to host a tournament at a public park without permission. They question the family’s behavior and suggest asking for proof of court reservation.

OCR10’s Call for Park Rules

Users suggest that public parks should have rules for court usage to prevent such incidents. Setting clear guidelines can avoid conflicts and ensure fair play for all visitors.

Bejoyful’s Stance: Selflessness vs. Selfishness

Some users argue that the frustration is unwarranted as it was the family’s selfish behavior that led to the conflict. They emphasize the importance of fairness in first come, first serve situations.