Pickleball Passion: Stories of Prioritizing the Court Over Everything Else

Flying across states for a client meeting? What about your Pickleball league? Here’s why these players prefer the court first!

xCUBUFFSx flew across states for a client meeting but didn’t forget about his Pickleball matches back home.


  • When work clashes with Pickleball, these enthusiasts choose the court.
  • From travel sacrifices to league triumphs, the dedication is unwavering.
  • Players prioritize Pickleball over social events and even other sports like tennis.

Flights and Fights

One player juggled flights, work meetings, and Pickleball matches, showing true dedication to the game.

Priorities Straight

Players like ZenMoonstone choose Pickleball over house chores and tennis, making it a top priority.

Catch That Flight

MeleMath shared a story of a team member rushing from an airport to a league match, serving the first point and winning.