MLS Expansion Excitement in Indianapolis – Is the Buzz Warranted?

Read about MLS announcing potential expansion to Indianapolis and fans’ reactions.

MLS recently announced the potential expansion to Indianapolis, stirring up excitement among fans. Read on to find out why.


  • Fans are excited about the possibility of an MLS expansion team in Indianapolis due to the vision for a new stadium.
  • However, the MLS statement was brief, leaving fans wondering about the progress and potential investors.
  • Some fans question the need for more teams in the MLS and speculate on the league’s ultimate goal.
  • There are differing opinions on whether Indianapolis or Detroit would be a better market for an Eastern conference team.

Excitement in Indianapolis

When Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett announced the city’s pursuit of an MLS expansion team and a new soccer-specific stadium, fans were ecstatic. The prospect of having a team in their city generated a buzz of excitement, with many envisioning the growth of soccer culture in the region.

MLS Statement Leaves Fans Wanting More

The official MLS statement, though positive about Mayor Hogsett’s vision, was notably concise. Fans expressed mixed feelings about the brevity, with some interpreting it as a lack of concrete progress or a potential lack of committed investors. This ambiguity left many eager supporters craving more substantial updates.

Debate on MLS Expansion

Amidst the enthusiasm, some fans raised questions about the necessity of expanding the MLS and speculated on the league’s ultimate desired team count. The ongoing expansion strategy of the league has sparked discussions on the ideal team numbers for optimal competition and growth.

Taking Sides: Indianapolis vs. Detroit

While Indianapolis celebrates the possibility of an MLS team, others, like Reddit user RedditAltQuestionAcc, advocate for Detroit as a more viable Eastern conference market. This debate showcases the differing opinions among fans regarding the ideal locations for future teams.