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Kuro Kage Black TiNi Wood Shafts

Stemming from the success of the Silver TiNi series, Kuro Kage has recently released a new version of it with a own unique bend profile to fit the demanding needs of golfers. For those looking for stiffer butt, but more flexible tip Kuro Kage launched the Black TiNi series. This new shaft has a noticeably stiffer tip section, which provides good stability and feel. During the swing the clubs mid-section and tip have a lot of “feel” to them and hey respond incredibly well – promoting a mid-high launch and mid spin range. The previous version had slightly less feedback and promoted a slightly lower ball flight than this newer model.

The shaft features the same technology as its predecessor. The Variable Torque system that optimizes performance of the shaft to very specific torque and frequency requirements. The Low Resin Content Prepreg which has been a staple in MRC Golf’s shaft since 2011. This Low Resin technology allows for more carbon fibre to be added to the shaft, as it has less need for resin. This density adds a ton of additional stability without adding any additional weight. The final technology in this shaft is the TiNi – Titanium Nickel Wire, which is a premium elastic wire that has some incredible “memory” properties (it always springs back to its original shape when stretched). This wire is added to the tip section for extra strength and stability, but also consistent results for players with higher swing speeds.

Below is the Kuro Kage TiNi Shaft Specs & Bend Profile

Shaft Name Flex Length (in) Weight (g) Tip O.D. (in) Tip Length (in) Butt O.D. (in) Torque (degrees) Kick Pt.
KURO KAGE™ Black TiNi 50 L 44.0 51 0.335 3.0 0.596 5.9 MID
KURO KAGE™ Black TiNi 50 A 46.0 52 0.335 3.0 0.600 5.9 MID
KURO KAGE™ Black TiNi 50 R 46.0 55 0.335 3.0 0.604 5.7 MID
KURO KAGE™ Black TiNi 50 S 46.0 56 0.335 3.0 0.608 4.8 MID
KURO KAGE™ Black TiNi 50 X 46.0 59 0.335 3.0 0.616 4.8 MID/HIGH
KURO KAGE™ Black TiNi 60 R 46.0 64 0.335 3.0 0.618 4.6 MID
KURO KAGE™ Black TiNi 60 S 46.0 66 0.335 3.0 0.620 4.3 MID
KURO KAGE™ Black TiNi 60 X 46.0 68 0.335 3.0 0.622 3.4 MID/HIGH
KURO KAGE™ Black TiNi 70 S 46.0 75 0.335 3.0 0.618 4.2 MID/HIGH
KURO KAGE™ Black TiNi 70 X 46.0 76 0.335 3.0 0.620 3.2 MID/HIGH
KURO KAGE™ Black TiNi 80 X 46.0 86 0.335 3.0 0.622 2.8 MID/HIGH

Bend Profile Compared to the Silver TiNi Shaft

KUROKAGE_Silver TINI-Black TINI_061915_0

For more information on this shaft, please visit MRC Golf

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