Hollow Core Golf Balls Now Legal

Hey guys thanks for stopping by.  Today we’re going to share with a story about two young entrepreneurs trying to make something of themselves in the golf industry against the big guys.  They started a company OnCore golf a few years back, and have recently started to make some headlines after the USGA finally changed up some rules (35 years since they’ve done so to this level) governing the design characteristics of a golf ball. The rule the USGA loosened up on specifically has to do with the core construction of the golf ball. “Golf balls with rigid cores whose diameters do not exceed 0.9 inches will be permitted exception to the “traditional and customary form and make” requirement in Rule 1 of Appendix III. As a result, hollow core golf balls are now a thing.  This technology change should open the doors for new products and technologies with some interesting ball flight characteristics. 

oncoreSo, when I first read this, I thought it was interesting, but no exactly ground breaking.  I mean, it can’t really have that much effect on the golf ball flight can it?  Well, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this technology is something that golf ball manufacturers have been manipulating for sometime.  Pro-V1s for example are designed with their heavier elements as close to the core as possible to help encourage spin (especially on short shots). The old Smart Core golf balls by Wilson used this concept for more distance.  So what effect would a hollow metal core have?  Well, I’d imagine the more weight of the golf ball you can move to the perimeter, the less the ball would want to spin. So, while spin is all the rage for lower handicapped players who value control over distance, beginners and higher-handicappers would benefit from a hollow core golf ball by getting additional distance from the reduced spin on tee-shots and reduced side-spin on off-centered shots. Cool stuff!

So now you start to see where this technology could come in handy… and why you’re likely to see the major OEM’s jump on board the bandwagon soon for their beginner golfing segment.

OnCore, will be the first golf ball released with this technology.  They are a small and upcoming ball manufacturer that recently jumped on this opportunity after campaigning to the USGA to get hollow golf balls approved by the rules.  Their ball, which should show up on the USGA conforming golf ball list in early November, is hoping those interested in this new technology will help make their dream come true though funding help.  See the details at and help out if you’re up for it.

We’re curious to see where this new golf ball design trend goes, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you.

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