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Focus on the Cup

Putting can one of the most infuriating parts of the game despite its simplicity. For those of you suffering from the yips or simply looking for a new way to try and reprogram your putting stroke here’s a drill you can try to help out.

For most players struggling with their putting, its not their feel thats the problem, it’s their ability to hit the putt where they are lining up. This drill attempts to eliminate your need to look at the ball while making a stroke, and trust me, this isnt easy, but with a little practice it works.

Start your setup as you normally would, make practice strokes to get a feel for the distance you need the putt to go (this is the most important part). Then align yourself as you normally would, focusing on the feel of the stroke your going to make. Here’s the trick, now focus solely on the target, DO NOT look down at the ball, and complete your stroke.

Thats it. This drill lets you focus solely on feel. At first you may find it difficult to get a feel for hitting the ball at the bottom of your arc, or on the center of the face, but practice makes perfect. Also you may find it easy to chunk the putt, and this is usually because of excess body movements during your stroke. Focus on keeping your head steady and you should have no problem making solid contact.

Give it a shot!

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