Half Oranges as Tees: A Sweet Strategy or Sour Surprise?

Discover how half oranges cleverly placed as tees created chaos and amusement on the fairway in this hilarious golfing tale.

When half oranges mysteriously appeared before the fairway, chaos ensued as golfers mistook them for tees. An unsuspecting Korean player fell victim to the fruity trick, sparking laughter and debate among the golfing community.


  • Golfers pranked with half oranges as tees leading to confusion and laughter.
  • Debate arose about the ethics of such pranks on the golf course.
  • Comments sparked discussions on gendered tee markers and inclusivity in golf.

Debate: Sweet or Sour?

The prank of using half oranges as tees evoked mixed reactions from the golfing community. While some found it amusing and light-hearted, others criticized it as littering.

Gendered Tee Boxes

The mention of ‘ladies tees’ sparked a debate on gender inclusivity in golf, with diverse opinions on players’ tee box choices and terminology.

Unintended Implications

Bringing humor to the course, the orange tee prank inadvertently raised questions about cultural references and unnecessary details in storytelling.