Are These the Best Balls in Town? Vice Customization Review

One golfer shares his customized Vice balls from a promotion; the community has a lot to say about it!

A golfer shares his customized Vice balls from a promotion on Reddit, and the community is buzzing!


  • Community assesses a golfer’s Vice ball customization.
  • Comments range from curious to humorous.
  • Some praise the customization, while others crack jokes.
  • Overall, a mix of positive and light-hearted sentiments prevail.

Community Reaction

Golfers are impressed with the Vice customization, praising the unique design and quality. Some even express interest in getting their own.

Humor Galore

Comments on the post take a comedic turn, with users referencing pop culture and movie quotes, injecting humor into the discussion.

Constructive Feedback

While many appreciate the customization, some users offer constructive criticism on the design choice and suggest variations to make it even better.