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Cobra Trusty Rusty Wedge Review

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by, today we’ve got another independent review for you on the Cobra Trusty Rusty wedge – enjoy!


Nearly twenty years ago Cobra introduced the golf world to Trusty Rusty wedge, which went on to become one of the most popular wedges in golf.  The Trusty Rusty has been a fan favorite for years and Cobra hopes that with this latest release they’ll be able to bring back the old fan base and turn a new generation of players to the Trusty.

Cobra’s new addition is the oversize Big Trusty Rusty wedge.  The Big Trusty Rusty is available in a pre-rusted satin finish, black PVD and rust finish.  The club will rust over time and offers a non-glare finish at address.  In addition to the oversize club head the Big Trusty Rusty features a unique wide tri-bounce sole.  The grind makes it more playable from a variety of challenging lies.  The wedge is designed with 100% raw unplated 8620 steel.  While many companies make a more compact wedge, Cobra went in the opposite direction to offer superior forgiveness.  The oversize appearance of the Big Trusty Rusty would take require some time to get use to.


I tested the Cobra 55 degree Big Trusty Rusty with a stock Cobra Dynamic Gold s200 dark steel shaft.  The Big Trusty is available in 3 lofts, 50, 55 and 60 degrees.  Performance should be the most important factor when deciding on a club.  Personally, I am not a fan of the oversize design, however, it performs better than it looks.

Cobra intended to design a club that offers maximum forgiveness.  In my opinion, the Big Trusty Rusty is extremely forgiving.  The tri-bounce sole delivers solid shots from tight lies and long rough around the green.  Full shots travel an expected distance with a high ball flight.  The Big Trusty Rusty offers the ability to control trajectory from half and three quarter swings.  Most shots felt good, however, I felt the Big Trusty Rusty produced only an average amount of spin.


The Big Trusty Rusty feels lighter than some competitors, yet still features a D3 swing weight.  The wedge offers confidence for any shot.  Well struck shots feel crisp, and off-center hits come up a only a few yards shorter.  The Trusty Rusty performs really strong from the rough.  The grooves look sharp with a chrome outline which makes them pop.  However, the lackluster spin is somewhat disappointing personally.


The Big Trusty Rusty is easy to hit and ideal for a mid to high handicap player.  The price is in line with most other wedges and sells for $119.99.  Cobra designed a solid, but not great performer in the Big Trusty Rusty.  Low handicap players may prefer other wedges that are more compact and allow different playability options.  The strength of the Big Trusty Rusty is forgiveness and ease of use.  If you are searching for an easy wedge to hit give the Trusty Rusty a try.

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