Cobra Driver Disaster: Reddit Users Share Tales of Woe

Expensive driver mishaps prompt mixed reactions from golf enthusiasts.

A Reddit user laments their $900 Cobra driver bought just a year ago may be ruined.


  • Users sympathize with expensive club damage.
  • Some offer warranty advice for the distraught owner.
  • Humor and sarcasm shine through in the comments.
  • Comparisons to other brands and personal experiences are shared.
  • Response

    A Redditor advises the owner to return the driver under warranty for a replacement. Others poke fun at the situation, suggesting unconventional fixes like pouring beer into the club.

    Warranty Worries

    One user doubts the validity of the $900 price tag, joking about drugs. Another shares a positive experience with Callaway’s customer service for a similar issue.

    Repair Recommendations

    Redditors playfully suggest duct tape, Elmer’s glue, or weight reduction as potential solutions. Some offer to sell replacement parts or share advice on possible manufacturer responses.

    For golf enthusiasts, the attachment to their equipment runs deep. A damaged club symbolizes more than a mere tool; it carries memories of successful hits, challenging rounds, and personal improvement. The Reddit community’s diverse responses reflect a blend of empathy, practicality, and humor in the face of equipment setbacks.