Is Carlos Alcaraz the One-Handed Backhand King? An In-Depth Look at His Winning Percentage

Is Carlos Alcaraz truly the king of one-handed backhands? Dive into the stats and opinions to find out!

Carlos Alcaraz seems to have the best winning percentage against one-handed backhands of all time. Let’s analyze the stats and comments to see if this holds true.


  • Carlos Alcaraz boasts a remarkable 93% winning percentage against one-handed backhands.
  • Comparison to past legends like Federer and Nadal raises questions due to era differences.
  • Skeptics argue that Alcaraz’s competition may not be as strong as his predecessors.

Is the Stat Valid?

Some users point out that the decline in one-handed backhands makes the comparison challenging. The sample size for Alcaraz is smaller, affecting the weight of the stat.

Competition Level

Alcaraz has faced notable one-handers like Tsitsipas and Dimitrov but critics argue that the current era lacks top-tier one-handed backhands, affecting the validity of the stat.

Sample Size Matters

With only 33 matches against one-handed backhands, Alcaraz’s stat is compared to players who have faced them more frequently, questioning the statistical significance.