Cleveland Smart Sole 2.0 C Wedge

I remember the day when chippers were used by a lot of the seniors at my home club. These simple chipping tools where built like putter but with 45 degree face angles. Basically a bump & run wedge for those that couldn’t quite figure out how to perform this shot with a normal club. Cleveland seems to be trying to bring this club back to market with their new Smart Sole 2.0 C Wedge. They call this wedge unchunkable! Here’s what Cleveland Golf has to say about it:

This newly designed sole promotes crisp and clean contact for more consisted chip shots from any lie around the green, and does a great job for full swing shots from 125 yards and in. The refined sole is built to help your wedge skim off the ground and turf, not into it. The club also features an improved feel plaque on the back of the club, which is said to help push more clubhead weight to the toe and heel of the club for forgiveness and an improved feeling on contact.

Available for righties and lefties, this club comes with a 42 degree loft (around a 9-iron). It comes in a premium black satin finish for a great look with little glare. The new Smart Sole 2.0 wedges will cost $109.99 (steel shaft) and $119.99 (graphite shaft).



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