TayloMade M1 Driver

Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by. With the snow finally disappearing up here in the Canadian North, and golf courses starting to open up, I recently had the chance to test out the new M1 driver from TaylorMade Golf. At first I tested out my own driver and was hitting it the usual 285-300 yards. First swing with the M1 and it flew 310 with a slightly off-centre hit, 330 when I started hitting it pure. I was quite shocked, and couldn’t help but get something up on the site about it. This driver is truly something else. Here’s the details on this incredible driver from TaylorMade.

tayloremade-M1-DriverThis new driver features an ultra-thin, ultra light carbon composite crown that is custom-built to maximize weight savings but maintain strength and stability. This allowed the TaylorMade design team to reduce weight and still generate a higher ball trajectory at impact due to an incredible low centre of gravity. This weight-loss also allowed for 25 gram multi-directional adjustability to provide golfers with additional flexibility on ball-flight and trajectory to customize this driver to best fit their swing. The 25 grams and split out on two tracks on the driver. The front track has one 15 gram weight that supports draw, neutral and fade settings, the back track is a 10 gram weight that can be adjusted to manipulate your ball trajectory. If that wasn’t enough you can also adjust loft and lie with the Loft sleeve that allows for 12 different face positions, face angles and lofts.

I was hitting the 430CC model with the KuraKage TiNi Silver 60 shaft, however you can also get the driver in 460CC, and with two other shaft options depending on the launch you’re looking for. Fujikura Pro 60 for high launch and Aldila Rogue Silver 70 for lower launch.

This driver is in stores now and retails for around $599 CAD or $500 USD. Highly recommended to give it a try this season!

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