Callaway Launches XR OS Hybrids

To help complement their new line of XR OS irons, Callaway is also launching a series of hybrids to help provide long-iron options for players who want the added stability and reliability of hybrids. The new hybrids will retail at $219 a piece and come in varying lofts from 21 degrees to 38 degrees with their 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 models. These new hybrids are said to offer an extreme amount of forgiveness and great ball flight trajectories for every model. This hybrids are said to offer the golfer with higher ball speeds, maximum distance, versatility and a larger head shape for more forgiveness and confidence at address. To help combat the ever present slice, each model is designed with a draw bias to help the 85% of golfers who suffer from the old banana ball.

Here’s what Callaway has to say about the technology and features in this hybrids, also enjoy pictures below! These will be in-store January 22nd, 2016.

High Ball Speed & Forgiveness Across The Face With Our Industry-Leading Face Cup
Our Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup has redefined distance and ball speed in the hybrid category, and we put it in the XR OS. It’s built to give you more speed and forgiveness across the face so that you get the most distance out of each shot.

Extreme Forgiveness In A Wider Head Design
We used a larger head to create higher MOI for maximum forgiveness. It has a look that gives you confidence over the ball, and it’s built for great ball flight trajectories. We’ve also made it higher launching and draw biased so that it’s easier for you to turn the ball over.

More Versatility
They give you the versatility to hit good shots from all lies with our keeled utility sole. These hybrids are going to be a go-to club for you off the tee, the fairway or out the rough.

Distance Hybrids Designed Specifically For Women
For the women who want to add distance, we’ve added wider soles, graphite shafts, lighter swingweights, and lengths and lofts built for their swing speed so they can hit the ball farther.

xr-os-hybrid-address-2016-5x7-RGB xr-os-hybrid-face-2016-5x7-RGB xr-os-hybrid-sole-a-2016-5x7-RGB xr-os-hybrid-sole-b-2016-5x7-RGB xr-os-hybrid-toe-2016-5x7-RGB

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Callaway Launches XR OS Irons

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