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TEEBOX: The World’s Best PHONE CHARGER for Golfers

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by today. In the world of golf accessories, there’s always plenty of choice out there. Commonly, golf accessories are of those gifts you get from a relative who knows you well enough to know you play golf, but knows nothing about the game itself. It’s rare for golf accessory products to cross-over to the mainstream and become widely used by the golfing public. Things like the brush tee and the pocket cleaner are two products that do come to mind. Today we’re featuring a product, which we think may be of benefit to many golfers, including us – the Teebox.


It’s recently available for funding up on Kickstarter, this golf accessory product is your golf organizer & portable phone charging station. You may have seen some of the recent charging products that require you to be driving a cart – but what about if you’re a walker? The Teebox is there for you. This simple golf organizer is made for sitting in your cart cubbies, but also fits easily in your bag, or in the basket of your Rickshaw or push cart. It has pockets for golf tees, divot repair tools, snacks, or really almost everything you need on the course. No more fishing around in your bag for what you need – it’ll be right in front of you.

In addition, and this is the most important feature, this organizer has a built in phone charging station. This phone charging station can come in handy on the course, especially if you’re draining your battery using a golf GPS yardage app, or playing music out on your round. The fact that the charger is built in and portable is a big plus over other cart chargers. This way you can charge on the course no matter how you want to play walking, pulling or riding (gas or electric carts don’t matter either).

One added benefit? I know personally, I always dread putting my phone directly in my cart cabbie. It is often wet, dirty, or gets that way after some spilled drinks during the round… I even remember once drunkenly attempting to toss my iPhone into the pocket, but instead having it bounce off the edge and go for a swim in my rum and coke. Whoops! And even if you are slightly less clumsy than I am, you can likely admit that your phone gets incredibly dusty over the course of the game sitting and bumping around in the cart. It’s the absolute worst. Golf cart cubbies and smartphones do not mix. The Teebox can help solve these problems, keep your phone elevated, dry and charged over the course of your golf round – even if you’re playing 36 holes!

Here’s the video from their Kickstarter for more information on this fun new product, go check it out:

To support this project on Kickstarter – please go here: TEEBOX: The World’s Best Phone Charger For Golfers

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