Adidas Barricade Sale – Are the Deals a Swing and a Miss?

Check out the latest adidas barricade sale with mixed reviews – why are users hesitating or clicking to buy?

Users on the Pickleball subreddit are buzzing about the recent Adidas Barricade sale – but are the deals really worth it?


  • Concerns about website legitimacy due to mixed reviews
  • Shoes run a size smaller – buyer beware!
  • Color combos divide users – some prefer plain white
  • Shipping limitations to certain locations causing frustration
  • Website Legitimacy

    Several users expressed hesitancy due to mixed reviews about the website’s legitimacy. It seems potential buyers are wary of falling victim to online scams and are seeking assurance before making a purchase.

    Shoe Sizing Woes

    One user highlighted the importance of sizing, noting that the shoes run a size smaller. This crucial tip could save buyers from ending up with ill-fitting footwear and the hassle of returns.

    Color Preference

    Color choices sparked a debate, with some users expressing dislike for the color combos and advocating for plain white options. Personal preferences play a significant role in the purchasing decision for many buyers.

    Shipping Restrictions

    Shipping limitations to certain locations, such as Puerto Rico, left potential customers disappointed. Accessibility to deals is crucial, and limitations can lead to missed opportunities and customer dissatisfaction.

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