Ping S57 Irons, Pictures On Golf Balls

Hey everyone. It's not an overly busy day in the golf business but we're managed to tie together a few odds and ends for you tonight. Ping's new S57 iron has hit the net and a lot of people are very excited. 

Ping Golf's Japanese website has pictures of the new S57 iron. The club looks to be the replacement for the current S58 but is only scheduled for a Japanese release right now. The iron has been on the net for a few months and it's getting some pretty serious internet buzz. There are no details of a North American release but I would be shocked if they didn't make it over here in the next year. Some rumors lead us to believe that they will be released in the fall and will be followed (or joined) by a new Rapture iron. We'll keep you updated! 

We got an email asking about our contact for putting pictures on golf balls. You can reach the guys at Graphics Fore Balls at These balls make a great gift!

SirPutts is working hard on the emails… we're approaching 2000 sent emails in our account and he should be commended for writing the majority of them! Tonight he talks about buying game improvement irons on a budget…

I am looking for a set of reasonably priced, around $200 game improvement irons. I have found a ton of clubs on ebay and have narrowed my search between the Titleist DCI Black, Taylormade SuperSteel and Cleveland TA7 tour. I'm a 15 hdcp but that is mainly because I cant chip and putt so good. My favorite iron to hit is my 8  iron which I hit 150 yds. I don't have problems getting the ball in the air and my miss hits usually result in a fat shot or a wicked snap hook. I can't find any reviews on the Titleist any would appreciate any suggestions on the clubs mentioned or others you think would work.

Based on the three clubs you have listed my top suggestion would be the TA7 Tour. Since you don't have any trouble getting the ball in the air and you sometimes battle a hook you would be best advised to stay away from a club that has too much offset, it will only serve to make your hook worse.
The TA7 Tour is a reduced offset club.  It still offers decent forgiveness on miss hits but it will give you more control and shot shaping ability.
The DCI Black has been out of production for years, that is probably why you are having trouble finding any reviews on it. It was a decent club for the day but technology has passed this one by a long time ago.
Same can probably be said for the SuperSteel. These were on the market quite awhile ago. Biggest drawback to this club is that the steel is very hard. This results in a pretty harsh feel at impact and also means the clubs can't be adjusted for loft or lie.
Some other clubs to keep a lookout for would be the Cobra 3100 or Callaway X-14 Pro Series.

That's all for tonight. Talk to you tomorrow! 


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