Mitsubishi Diamana Ali'islei Shaft

Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by. It's finally April and that means golf season is here at last. We had a reader email asking about a Mitsubishi shaft so we went right to the source to get some answers.

A reader emailed in asking for information on the Mitsubishi Ali'islei shaft. We talked to the guys over at Mitsubishi to get some answers…

Ali'islei is a limited release version of Diamana that was launched in Japan this year. It will only be available in 2008 and it has a unique design in the butt section. The butt section is reinforced with amorphous fiber for increased stability and very solid feel. It may be available in the USA for a short time later this year but will only be available in limited quantity.
One other new product that you should know about is JAVLNFX. It's a new shaft brand that was tested on the PGA TOUR last year and has already been used by a number of players on the PGA TOUR this year. The shaft has a specialized carbon fiber called TRH50 which is proprietary to Mitsubishi Rayon. TRH50 was utilized by our designers in the tip section to create a shaft that is very responsive and helps optimize launch conditions.

The shaft specs can be found on the Japanese MRC site. Thanks for your email!

That's all for right now. Tonight's selected Advisory Team member is Thanks for all of your support and we'll talk to you tomorrow! 


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