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Hi everyone. I'm busy working on some holiday plans so I'll let The Golf Drill Guru handle tonight's post. Tonight he answers an email from a reader… I am a five handicapper who has a problem on my takeaway. My first move is a slight outside to in takeaway that results in me being laid off at the top and having to re-route on the downswing.

I am able to make good contact with my driver, woods and short irons but I have problems with longer irons. I have been unable to find a drill that would get me to move the butt end of the club closer to my right thigh on takeaway.

Would your drill with the box of balls help me take it back along the correct path? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for the question. The Extension Drill you are referring to will help you maintain your “triangle” at address, and keep it until the club reaches 9 o’clock. The short answer to your question is yes it will help, but this drill I’ll show you will help even more so. This drill will help you learn how to take the club more inside on your backswing, by giving your backswing and follow through a line to follow.

Take a look at the picture and set up balls in a similar crescent moon shape.

How to hit a draw hook tips

Take some practice swings forcing your swing to stay within the arc. Grab a ball and place it a couple inches inside the arc and take a swing. You'll notice very quickly that to avoid swinging over the arc of balls you have to swing to the inside. This drill will not only help you bring the club slightly inside on the takeaway and follow-through, but it will help many of you turn your slice into a draw.




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  1. I think the most important key to hitting a draw is the part you mentioned about taking a strong grip. A strong grip allows you to turn your hands over through the golf shot. The turning over of the hands is what makes the shot draw. Just as important is to practice. You need to hit several shot to get an idea of how much the ball draws, how far it goes, etc. You can hit the biggest draw ever but it does you know good if you don’t have control over how much it draws. The key is being able to control how far and how much a shot draws so you can plan for and play that draw show every time. This only comes through practice. Thanks for the information.

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