Rife Golf Adds Two-Bar Hybird Putter

Hi everyone… hope you had a great day. We've got some information on a new putter from Rife Golf and a reader email asking about golf balls. Let's get to it! 

Rife Golf has announced that they will officially introduce their Two-Bar Hybrid putter at the upcoming Orlando PGA Show. This putter looks a bit more "traditional" than other Rife models on the market. The company has incorporated the two "bars" into the mallet instead of having them stick out the back end on their own. The Hybrid also offers an interchangeable faceplate. Watch for more info on this putter as we get closer to the PGA Show. 

Let's jump into the mailbag and see what SirPutts has been up to…

What kinda of golf ball do you recommend for a player with moderate swing speed and about a 19 handicap? I have tried everything from Pro V1 to Callaway to Nike, what do you suggest?

There are a number of quality balls that you can try out for a reasonable price. In general I would avoid the high-end balls like the ProV1 or Nike One. These balls are designed for players with high clubhead speeds looking for ultimate performance. Most players will not realize the benefits of these balls because they just don't swing fast enough. You end up paying too much for a ball that doesn't do anything special.
The Callaway HX Hot is a really good midrange golf ball. It is well priced, long off the tee, and still provides some spin and feel around the greens. The Titleist NXT and NXT Tour are also good options to look at as are the Bridgestone E5 and E6 balls.
All these options are relatively well-priced and good all-around performance.

Thanks SirPutts! Keep those emails coming. Just a quick note before we go… swing by the Nike Golf website . They've got a nice little video on the new SUMO SQ 5000 and SUMO2 SQ 5900 drivers. Watch for these clubs in February! That's all for tonight… talk to you later… 

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