A First Look At The HiBore

Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by. We’ve talked at great length about the new Cleveland stuff but I finally had a chance to see it the other day. I thought I’d take a few minutes and run through it and note some of my first impressions.

Cleveland HiBore – I think the biggest surprise to me was the club’s overall size… the HiBore is huge! I didn’t realize it but if you were to put a “normal” crown on the current HiBore it would actually measure 520CC. The dark finish makes the driver quite appealing. I’ll be very interested to get this club out on the range in another month or so.

Cleveland DSG Wedges – I’m a big fan of Cleveland wedges to begin with and I really like the way this one looks. Think of the 588 wedge as the original Callaway Forged wedge from a few years ago and the DSG as the Callaway Forged Plus wedge. Almost the same but the different grind makes this one a winner. Slightly more expensive than the standard 588 but whatever…

Cleveland “Design By” Putters With CMM – I’m not a huge fan of the “old school” putters but these look pretty cool. We still get people asking for putters designed after the Wilson 8802 and these should help fit the bill.

Cleveland Launcher LP Irons – I won’t lie… the original Launcher irons weren’t one of our favorites. They didn’t get high marks from our testers and they don’t really sell that well at my shop. The Launcher LP’s might be a different story… they’re priced right (much cheaper than the original Launcher irons), they look a bit better and they have less competition in their new price range. The TA6 irons did really well at my shop and I’m hoping these LP’s can carry on the torch.

Cleveland CG4 Tour Irons – I saved the best for last. I’ve played my Cleveland TA3 irons for almost six years and the CG4 Tour’s might just kick them out of the bag. The CG4 Tour’s look great and the CMM material make them very soft. The shorter blade length is noticeable and the thinner top line is nice. I’m very curious to see how my customers like these but if you’re looking for a somewhat forgiving “players” club… you’d be stupid not to try the CG4 Tour.

There you have it… a quick overview of the new equipment from Cleveland Golf. We’ll have full reviews once the summer arrives… if it ever does. Thanks again for all the email and support. We’ll have a golf drill from The Golf Drill Guru on Friday so be sure to stop by!

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