Slighter Clears Up The Rumors

Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by. Sorry that we didn’t have a Friday drill from the Golf Drill Guru but he’s actually out of town. The life of a Golf Pro… work at a golf course, play golf, eat free food and then take off for weeks on end in the winter. Just kidding… I’ve worked at enough golf courses to know those folks work their butts off!

I read an interesting rumor the other day concerning Tom Slighter teaming up with Bridgestone Golf. I thought I’d dig a bit deeper and had a chance to speak to Mr. Slighter via email over the weekend. I won’t post everything but I’ve pulled out a few interesting items…

– There is no truth to the Bridgestone rumor. We did an interview with him back in January where he did mention that he’d consider teaming up with a large OEM to design putters but it looks like there is nothing to the Bridgetstone rumor.

– He would like to expand his operation by buying a new building and hiring some full time help (how much fun would that job be?) and has been contacted by a few investors. He is kind of weighing his options right now and continues to look for investors.

– Watch for some new production putters this year and we’ll be sure to pass along info on these as we get it.

I think the best thing about Slighter Golf is the fact that they put customers first. Mr. Slighter made it very clear that his customers will always come first and he is fully aware that these people have put him in the favorable position that he is in now.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Slighter putters… head over to the Slighter Golf website and have a look. Thanks to Mr. Slighter for taking the time to clear up some of the rumors and we’ll be sure to pass along more Slighter Golf news as we get it. Have a great night and we’ll talk to you soon!

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